The trend of wearing suits and ties can be dated back to thousands of years when the men’s fashion industry was starting to bloom. Since then, the styles have changed considerably but suits and neckties still remain as one of the most influential elements of men’s clothing. Expertise is attained with practice and by following these easy steps, you can easily master the art of this unique style. By learning how to tie a bow tie, you can add the ultimate panache to your dressing in just a few minutes with this standard bow tie technique. 

Stand in front of the mirror and place the bow tie around your collar. Assume that the right end of the bow tie is ‘End A’ while that on the left side is ‘End B’.

Now position both the ends in such a way that End A hangs 2 inches below End B.

Cross the longer end i.e. End A over the shorter end i.e. End B.

Pull End A beneath End B such that it emerges from the loop formed in the center. 

Fold End B horizontally over itself. This forms the front base loop of your bow tie.

Place End A over the center of the loop that was just formed. 

Holding everything else firmly, fold End A horizontally on itself. 

Finally poke End A through the loop at the back of End B. 

Pull both the ends and slightly tug on them to adjust the bow tie. 

Lastly, straighten the center of the knot to finesse the position of your bow tie. 

To check that you’ve tied it correctly, make sure that it does not go beyond the tips of the shirt collar.

And you’re ready! Let the technique sink in by practicing it a few times and you won’t find it challenging anymore. 

Bows and neckties eventually took over the jabots and cravats which were the symbol of style back in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. With their extinction, bow ties have been chosen as their replacement and for good reasons. In modern times, a bow tie is the ideal choice for high-class gatherings and formal events such as weddings, parties, balls and dinners. It won’t be wrong to call it a demarcation point between a gentleman and a boy. Although it is more difficult to tie a bow than a conventional long necktie and it requires great skill and precision, the aura of grace that it imparts is beyond measure. Besides, it boosts the superiority of a formal outfit and projects nobility. It is based on a Square Knot and is perceived as the most elegant style among other necktie knots. 

 A bow tie can be worn with any suit of your choice but they look best when worn with tuxedos.  It can be tied in a various styles such as Basic butterfly, Diamond Bow Tie, Batwing and the thick knot however only the standard technique is taught here for better understanding.